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Behind ‘Earth Faces’ Image

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

The Creative Transformation of Photography: from Reality to Abstract

Creating with stone and sand

Photograph of a rock with multicolored streaks.

This image began on a trip I took to the Búzios region, on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Walking on the beach with my family, I noticed some stone formations that caught my attention. There were large rocks on the ground, which together with the sand, created a very pleasant color combination.

I took several photos and took them home to see what I had achieved.

Experimentation and intention

The photo of the rock open in the Lightroom app, ready for editing.

After discarding the images I didn't like, I opened the selected ones in Lightroom, where I always do an initial treatment, adjusting color, contrast, sharpness, in short, this is where I give a better balance to the image.

After treating them all, I select the one I want to try and transfer it to Photoshop.

In Photoshop, what I basically do is apply selective blurs as I rotate the image in various directions, always being careful not to alter the original colors too much.

So, I keep experimenting, and as I progress, an image begins to form in my head. At that moment, experimentation ends and intention begins. So, I then highlight some areas to the detriment of others, working light and shadow until the result I want appears in front of me.

And I'll tell you, the results that emerge are often so surprising that I wonder how I managed to achieve that. Everything is a process, in which I slowly adjust until I reach the final result, and as it is a process that sometimes takes a long time and without ready-made formulas, it would be difficult to start again from scratch to achieve the same result.

And just for information purposes, I do not use artificial intelligence to create my work.

Faces watch you!

The finished image

This time, I arrived at this image that is part of my “Geometries” collection. I called it “Earth Faces”. Faces watch me in this image, faces from the rock and sand, faces from the Earth.

And you, what do you see in this image? Tell us in the comments!

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