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Behind ‘Ocean’ Image

The Creative Transformation of Photography: Removing water from the stone

A photograph of a blue agate stone.

For this image I started the work by photographing an agate stone that I have here at home.

I took the photo in the studio. I positioned the stone inside a tent for product photography and illuminated it with LED lights. I used one to light the tent and create diffuse lighting and another pointed directly at the rock.

A photo of my home studio while photographing the agate stone.

What color is the sea?

A photograph of my computer screen, showing the photo editing in Photoshop.

After reducing the number of photos from several dozen to about five, I exported them to Lightroom and did the usual processing.

Then, I opened the chosen one in Photoshop.

For those who don't know the agate stone (take a look at the photo above), it has a natural gradient, and it had a beautiful shade of grayish blue.

When looking at the photo on the screen, I tried not to change the gradient but to reduce the gray tone of the piece to highlight the blue. Immediately, the image that came into my head was that of the ocean.

I then did my usual blurring work and then my only concern was creating a texture and directing it in the direction I wanted, a diagonal that went from top to bottom.

An ocean at home

The finished Ocean image.

I then managed to come up with this image that is part of my “Expressions” collection. I called it “Oceans”. The lighter tone at the top of the image reminds me of the illuminated surface, as I dip my gaze towards the bottom and find the darker depths.

And you, what do you see in this image? Tell us in the comments!

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